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Anonymous: Quite a few of my friends are guys. I've been married since I was 19. My husband knows and he doesn't give a flip. We're married. Wtf is wrong with people thinking that women cannot have male friends whilst married? Those people are a joke.

Right?? I don’t have too many male friends - just one I’ve known for TEN years next month and my “cousin” - but Matt doesn’t care. I mean, he would if I started hanging out with some guy he didn’t know all the time or something because THAT would be sketchy on my part, but to catch up via text message? Seriously? People need to grow up. I guess that’s the reason I’m married and they’re (I’m assuming, probably) not, though.

It’s actually disgusting that some people would take a clearly joking post and automatically assume the absolute worst case scenario.

Also, texting does not equal cheating. Heaven forbid I have friends who HAVE PENISES?? Honestly. I thought this was 2014.

ANDDD if there’s one thing I am, it’s loyal as fuck. Especially to my husband. 

People, I swear.

Anonymous: you're cheating on your husband already? that didn't take long

Oh please. I’m texting my married, very close friend of 10 years who just happens to be male. And my husband knows about it.


Re-blog if you’re accepting anonymous asks from anyone about anything

Oooooh I’m texting a boy that isn’t my husband. Scandalous.

Question time?